Open Miniyacht Regatta

Two Classes Sport & Spirit

All Miniyachts that comply with the Fisly Specification

But race results are only awarded in the British landsailing

series to Fed club pilots, separate award for non fed pilots.

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 See Who has registered

Pilots must have qualified for competition in their home club or association BFSLYC insurance will cover this event for FED members other competitors will need proof of insurance cover for competition.

 It is the responsibility of the pilot to pre-register and have a sail number issued before racing.

If you are not qualified or cannot produce evidence of qualification you will

Be required to do a short written and practical test.


Cost: Entry fee 30  for the 2 Day event 

Race Shedule

Saturday 14th
10.30 Welcome and briefing for all pilots
11:00 practice session
12:00 Start of Race 1
10min races 4minimum  to be completed.
15.30 Finish
Sunday 15th
10:30 Briefing for all pilots
11.00 Start Racing
4 to be completed
15:00 Finish and prize giving


Please be aware that we the BFSLYC have introduced two classes for the racing over and above the Fisly rules below

these are currently being developed but we have the Spirit Class and Sport class 

Spirit Class

Traditonal miniyachts , bootlegger, bootsail, Potty, Blokart, xsail etc all fit inside the 5.6M rope 

Sport Class

Yorker sport, seagull cutdown promo, cutdown class 5,s

All wheels fit inside 5.6M rope body allowed to overhang rope.

Sailing master has overall decision which class yacht can sail in


Motorhome Camping  

Motorhome is free to all pilots and supporters on site at the Varne Boat Club car park, Friday and Saturday Nights

alternatives are:




* The Fisly Rule

A Mini-yacht is :
- any assembled land or sand yacht that fits inside a continuous loop of rope 5,6 meter long.
- the wheel size is maximum 400 x 8
- the mast must be a circular tube; no wing section


1 All Miniyachts must be inspected prior to racing by the race officials. yachts must be presented at the yacht park and sailors must remain with their yacht until the inspection has been conducted.

2 Any Miniyacht may be inspected at any time by the race officials.

3 Any Miniyacht disqualified from a race due to infringement of an equipment rule must carry that disqualification for the event.

4 pilots are responsible for the safety aspects of their yacht and that the scrutineers might prevent a yacht from participating if there was an obvious safety issue; ie poorly maintained steering coupling.