Landyacht Training


What we offer are courses taking you through the initial first sail in the landyacht through to a pilots license recognized around the world. The pilots license then allows you to take part in competitions both here in the UK and abroad.

So how do we start 

We recommend a come and try session first which you can book here on the website, this will give you your initial first step in trying and controlling the landyacht safely, these courses last for 3 hours and are all practical on the beach. After this you move on to level one

•Demonstrate a knowledge of essential safety


•An understanding of the basic rules of the road,

•An understanding of the wind and its action on

a landyacht

•Practical sailing skills under closely supervised


Level Two

This is a significant step from level one and two

successfully attain this level you must demonstrate :

•A higher level of practical sailing skills including

both tacking and gybing,

•Making headway towards and away from the

wind although still sailing in defined routes.

•You will also be required to sail on the same

course through all manoeuvers as other yachts, showing an awareness

of their progress and following simplified rules of

the rod with emphasis on safety

•Use both sheet rope and steering to safely

control the yacht in a range of wind conditions

will be looked for,

•Yacht rigging and pre sailing safety checks are

part of this level.

Level 3

At this point you choose a class of yacht you want to be assed at this could be a Miniyacht class 5 Standart or Class 3

Attainment at this level will show that you are capable of handling the yacht of your chosen class safely: